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I have been blessed for the past two years to collaborate with Tainted Inc. They are a gem within the City of Hartford.  They have assisted me in fully experiencing my drag personal in ways I never thought imaginable. I stand in front of the mirror after a session in awe of their artistry. They help me to make a statement in a profound way. They are also generous of spirit in giving back to the LGBTQ+ youth of our community. Providing professional pro bono services to help bring out the beauty in our queer youth on more than one occasion. The amazing part is they're in their infancy. I look forward to their many years of helping all of us glow!

Richard Stillson, PH.D. | Mucha Mucha Placer

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The magic of beauty comes from an unimaginable place that each of us may not know exist. The first time I met Andrea Cortez, owner of Tainted Inc and her staff that's just how they made me feel. While conversing with every stroke of their makeup brush the artist of Tainted Inc. pays close attention not only to your physical features, but more so to letting you know how beautiful you are on the inside. Within one year our first encounter led to many other interactions. Thank you Tainted Inc for your service and support.
Monique Butler

Our collaboration with Tainted inc is using the arts as a form of self expression. Together we are building a partnership with the children to provide support and student success in and out of the classroom. We work together to provide stability and trust with the goal of building character - with hope of leading to a positive future. This is accomplished through providing the kids a safe space to express themselves though a variety of art expression. Thank you Tainted for bringing a spirit of hope to our city and your commitment to help build a better future for the youth.
Sara Young | Program Coordinator of The Village

I met the lovely ladies of Tainted Inc. about a year ago and there isn't any brand around that can match what they offer. Let's face it, there are a million makeup artists, but how many actually help you to become more daring, confident, self-assured, and courageous inside AND out? Tainted Inc. is a brand that is much more than just "makeup"-- it encourages women of all ages to embrace and celebrate their individual beauty.
Crystal Gist | Marketing Director of Body Roc


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